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Spooky Art Preview for HALLOWEEN!

Our Giacometti inspired Plaster wrap Head Sculptures are slowly coming alive. mwhahaha! This Week we painted our spooky heads & sculpted even spookier art for our big Halloween scene building next week. Here is a sneak peak! Stay tuned

16 Days till Halloween = 2 weeks + of Halloween Art Adventures @CCA!

Summer Art Adventures with Giacometti @ The Guggenheim!

We continue to prepare for this Fall and our Summer tours by taking a trip to the Guggenheim this weekend to see the current exhibit on Giacometti. (click for more info on the exhibition)! While mostly known for his sculptures, Giacometti was also a prominent Painter AND Printmaker. Who knew! He experimented & created multiple prints starting …

Mother’s Day Gift:

Max Ernst/ Alex Katz self portraits give us an opportunity to play with the surreal, use flat colors & focus on symbols….  What more does a mother want than to know what’s going on in her child’s mind, who they see themselves to be as well as who they are at this moment in time.