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Happy May! Messy Week with Rachel Whiteread & May flowers

Summer Art Adventures with Giacometti @ The Guggenheim!

We continue to prepare for this Fall and our Summer tours by taking a trip to the Guggenheim this weekend to see the current exhibit on Giacometti. (click for more info on the exhibition)! While mostly known for his sculptures, Giacometti was also a prominent Painter AND Printmaker. Who knew! He experimented & created multiple prints starting …

Plaster mixing and pouring into forms with our students for a Rachael Whiteread-esque sculpture of negative space!

Through understanding negative space, students begin to “see” the inside spaces… whether it is sculptural, or between the lines for better drawing skills.

Alina Szapocznikow Body Sculptures

Using alginate and plaster to explore negative space, students learned how to mix skin color and painted their hands in their own unique ways. Check out the results of the second part of this project:

Nathalie Djurberg Animal Sculptures

Nathalie Djurberg animal sculpture required many steps!  Thinking about a skeleton inside of a sculpture to keep it strong, which shape to make it and which animal to build!  With the use of armature wire, aluminum foil, plaster wrap and paint, these are our amazing creatures that took 3 weeks! We also made Murakami inspired …

Alina Szapocznikow Body Sculptures

Using alginate and plaster to explore negative space, to see humor in art using body parts and learning an extreme amount of self control, students were challenged to create a hand gesture and hold it for up to 10 min. as the alginate mold was created. Check out the results of the first part of …

Join CCA This Summer!

Happy May Day! Summer will be here before you know it. Join CCA this year for June Art Adventures Summer Camp and experience contemporary art in a whole new way. Our camps engage and inspire through exciting hands-on creative activities and material exploration! With this longer time spent, there is ample time to dive into …

Exploring Negative Space and Rachel Whiteread

In Art Adventures, students learned about the work of Rachel Whiteread and her use of molds and negative space.  Children mixed and poured their own plaster molds and chose how to add color and arrange them. Take a peek!