Art Adventures @ The METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART this week at CCA!

We’re taking our Art Adventure, Studio, and Mini’s classes to the Met this week! Its all about exploring all the different art movements, forms, processes and cultures that the museum has to offer while creating fun and exciting art projects ….in front of famous ART!

This adventure brings us to a few spots @ The Met:

Example of an Adire Eleko Patterned Cloth

The art of Africa with our 5-7 year old classes, which also coincides with our in-class project inspired by the Adire Eleko textile Art of Yorubaland!


Ellsworth Kelly, Spectrum V @ The Met!

The Modern Wing with our 2-4 year olds classes, exploring color, shape, and line!

and some new exhibits just opened with our older Studio class!

We can’t wait to see what our Art Adventurers create at The Met! Stay tuned.

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The Holidays and 2017 flew by with so much art at CCA! We have a lot to be thankful for… Wishing everyone a great start to 2018 and may it be filled with exciting new Creative ADVENTURES!  CLICK HERE for 2018 SPRING NEW classes &  tours!

Art and China after 1989:Theater of the World Exhibit @ the Guggenheim

Studio Adventures Pastel Drawing from our Tour at the Guggenheim

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Happy Art-making in the New Year!

Midtown West Auction winners delight in metal, shape and balance!

What fun we had connecting, balancing and manipulating wire and meta today @ the Met!  As you can see, not only the kids enjoyed… and on my way home, I walked past more bent metal sculptures @ the Hubert Gallery on Madison Avenue… what a treat!  Great job guys and gals!  Have a safe trip back to CO P. & P. and I look forward to more tours with you too B!

Calder and Chamberlain

Calder and Chamberlain

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