Happy Hanukkah 2020!

Wishing you a very Happy Hanukkah from CCA! We hope you are in good health and have a safe (and sparkly) holiday! 

In 2018, we celebrated the holiday with COLOR !!!

Our Art Adventurers explored color-mixing by making their own age-appropriated color wheel with watercolors!

We then took inspiration from the Bauhaus painter, Wassily Kandinsky & created our version of his concentric (bulls-eye) circle color studies… But included some radiating Hanukkah Lights! (Goal: Complementary, Neutral, Warm & Cool)

*As a boy, Kandinsky’s father became an owner of a tea factory. Kandinsky enjoyed during his childhood years, the piano, cello and drawing. “I remember that drawing and a little bit later painting lifted me out of the reality, he wrote later.” He was always keen on the arts but his parents had other interests in mind. They had him attend law school and he became a successful “Professor to the Department of Law.” Though in his thirties, he ended his career in law and went after his passion in drawing! He attended art schools in Europe and became very successful after his 2nd attempt at schooling in the arts. He then travelled with his latter wife in Europe for five years and then settled down in Murnau at the bottom of the Alps. He soon started painting beautiful, colorful “spots and lines [which] was gradually superseding images of reality.” This is what sparked our love for color! (Unknown, 2008-2020)

*“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” 

-James Keller  (Silberman, 2020)

*Silberman, Jeff (2020) Uplifting Hanukkah Quotes to Read This December. Website retrieved from https://rebekahlowin.com/hanukkah-quotes/

Unknown (2008-2020). The Biography. Website retrieved from https://www.wassilykandinsky.net/

Swedish Clay Cookie Stamps & Holiday Cardmaking!

Getting into the holiday spirit with cookies, we used this age-old Swedish tradition of making specialty designs in clay as an indicator of what store, (or in this case, what child) the cookies came from! We first created a sphere with air-dry clay (found at craft & art stores), flattened it and added a coil handle with slip (water + clay.) After several days the clay was dry, then we brushed them with flour to press into a simple sugar cookie recipe and baked to show off our designs while making our holiday cards!  Just roll the cookie dough into small balls, dust with flour and press! (Bake as instructed per recipe.)

TN-completed clay stamp designs TN-Olivia and Miss Claire TN-stamping our sugar cookies TN-swedish stamp sugar cookies

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From all of us here at Art Adventures, wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday and New Year! Keep making ART and see you next year!