Making Art History fun for ALL Ages with CCA’s Museum Tours @ The Met!

It was an exciting and fun filled week of Museum Tours with Our Studio & Art Adventurers last week. Each class and age group explored a different wing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art learning about art from here and around the world through MAKING ART. Check out our Studio class tour as we walked through the newest exhibits:

Huma Bhabha: We come in Peace on the rooftop garden

and Visitors to Versailles



CLICK HERE for more pics of this and our Art Adventures Met Tours

Winter Skiing Magnetic Fun!

Our Art Adventurers became fashion and scenic designers last week with our interactive dioramas. Using wooden doll pins, yarn, various craft & found nature objects, students wrapped, pinched, twisted, overlapped and arranged to create figurines and a fun winter skiing scene!

But what made our dioramas interactive? Magnets of course! Thanks to the polarity of the magnets attached to the bottom of our skis and “magnetic wands”, we were able to play and watch our skiers come to life!

TN-learning about magnetic polarity copy

learning about magnetic polarity from Violette and our teacher, Ms. Jen

TN-building our winter wonderland diorama copy

Designing our Winter Scene!

TN-smiles while playing with model magic %22snow%22 copy

All smiles with pretending model magic is snow

TN-playing with our skiers copy

And Voila! Fun times with our interactive Winter Skiing Magnetic diorama!

Take a look at more magnetic fun skiing HERE!