CCA 2015 News and Upcoming Events:

New Classes For Ages 3-16.  Spring Registration Extended Through 1/23.

1. Spring Semester begins Feb. 3.   Register Now:   Class Times   Registration Information   Class Descriptions

2.  All About Acting Class Performance Jan. 31st @ 1:30pm-  RSVP to see this performance and experience the class.  Come and enjoy our final performance sharing of level one All About Acting class with Dina. Young Actor’s will perform short scenes and finesse you with some comedy improvisation. Bring friends, it’s guaranteed to delight!

3.  Spring Acting begins Feb. 21st  (12 weeks.)  Register now-Feb. 6th.

4.  Parent/Child Jan. 24th Workshop @ 4pm:  Experience India w. Indian Arts: Henna, Sound Bowls, Mandalas, Music, Yoga and more! Join myself and special guest Truike, Founder of Children of the Ganges.

Visit our GALLERY for action-packed art-making!

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing @ the Met with Art Adventures

We were lucky enough to watch this incredibly detailed process on and Art Adventures summer camp tour, by happy accident.  I’ve attached a link to the process if you are not familiar with his work, his instructions or his new Wall Drawing #370 at the Met!

Sol LeWitt wall drawing #340





We were there on days 10-14, when they were “inking” in the black.  The crew walked us through the process, showed us their materials, the written instructions (this was cool) and were fabulous with the kids and their questions! (and ours:) 2014-06-20 10.41.22

Venetian Mask Making Parent-Child Workshop March 1

Venetian Mask 1

Create the perfect disguise for any party!  Italian mask-making is a unique art, and carefully planned with lots of fun materials.

During this class, you will you will design, paint, and adorn your very own striking Venetian mask with fancy jewels & exotic feathers, right along with your child.  Male masks will also be available.

Saturday, March 1st, 2014
Ages 5 and up.
$75 pp
@ All Souls Church
1157 Lexington @ 80th Street

Spaces limited.  Register now


Gallery Tours and Classes This Winter and Spring!

Thank you Lauren Pohl, Founder of Kid’s Central Station for highlighting our programs with Yahoo Finance!

We loved how it turned out!

We loved how it turned out!

2013-09-26 17.52.02

DIY Snowman Dough Recipe-East Coast Tuesday Project!

It’s coming down in buckets the snow! So why not have some fun with a cup of hot cocoa, popcorn and this simple kids’ project with household items:

SNOWMEN:  Dough (below), sticks/ Popsicle sticks, felt/ paper or even stickers, glue or gluestick, a baby carrot, buttons or found objects, large bowl, measuring cup, spoon/stirring tool.

Dough snowman

Take turns (a good learning opp.) with each ingredient, including mixing.  Mix dry ingredients first.  Then add the water slowly.  Stir well, then, mix with hands: Squeeze, press, pull; Build muscles in those hands and arms!  Use both together then wash (FYI: Avoid if any cuts on hands, as salt may irritate or hurt.)

  1. Separate and play with it, use tools or just hands, how many things can you do?  When finished:
  2. Roll 3 balls of 3 sizes and stack
  3. Cut various paper for hat & glue onto top of popcycle stick, then press into center of snowman
  4. Decorate w/ buttons, eyes, sticks, etc.
  5. Add a carrot for the nose, it will be fun to watch over time.

Recipe per person (makes 2 snowmen):  ½ cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1/3-1/2 half cup water.   Another trick? To make it air dry in about a day, use a teaspoon of Alum! (Available in any pharmacy, yes it’s safe.)

Don’t eat the dough, it’s not sweet like cookies!

Related for younger: “Frosty the Snowman”, “Let it Snow”, “Dough is for rolling, rolling, rolling, dough is for rolling on a winter’s day”

Murikami Superflat Goes 3D for Kids

Takashi Murikami provided us with a multitude of learning opportunities!Takashi Murikami projectTakashi Murikami project 5

Takashi Murikami is from Japan.  He loves “Superflat,”  a word he made up!  It means colors and shapes look flat on a page, not round.  In this  piece of art, we made Superflat go 3D:  With a sphere… but the only way you can tell from the front is to notice the light casting shadows and shapes having perspective.


Students learned about working larger to smaller, a technique used in painting, as well as contrast, form, perspective, pattern and optical illusion.

murikami flat and sphere

Tours and workshops your child will surely enjoy!

Alexander Calder Stabiles New York City is an amazing resource for modern and contemporary art! As a fine artist, as well as an art teacher of children for 15 years, I have found the question, “What is Art?” a never-ending one.  Hence my goal- to demystify artists and their processes in language children can understand and adults can use.  Art-making is full of choices, which builds a stronger child having made them.  I founded Claire’s Creative Adventures over 12 years ago to explore the processes of artists which children may encounter in museums, galleries, or on a walk and to have the tools to decipher and imagine what the artists are thinking.  Developing these critical thinking skills and imagination is paramount to a well-rounded child who may approach all of their endeavors with such joy and confidence as they do art!

Becoming a learner with your child can be a stimulating experience!  In these workshops and tours, adults learn age-appropriate art language and directed questions as well as techniques artists use to create.

Upcoming Museum Adventures Tours:

December 6th, 2013  Impressionism for Kids and Families. (Register by Dec. 3rd.  Limited spaces.)  Ages 6-12 years.
1:30-2:45pm/ 3:45-5pm

January 10th, 2014  Line, Shape and Balance. Create a Calder and David Smith, exploring texture & line with metal & wire.  (Register by Jan. 7th.  Limited spaces.) Ages 3-12 years.
1:30-2:45pm/ 3:45-5pm

@ The Metropolitan Museum of Art  (This is a private group.)

        • 1.25 Hours of specialized museum time for children ages 3 -12 (3-9 kids at a time.)
        • Unique take-home tour art projects with a wide variety of materials and a gift bag.
        • Tour artist & leader for the adventure!
        • Includes multiple projects with myriad materials and a tote bag.

2 Parent-Child Workshops:

Dec. 7th Parent-Child Venetian Mask-Making, create a disquise for NYE!  (Register by Dec. 4th.  Limited spaces.) Ages 5-12 years.

Create the perfect disguise for any party or just to decorate and hang!  During this class, these striking Venetian masks will become colored, adorned with myriad feathers and jewels and able to wear!  Both parent and child will make their own mask.

Jan. 11th Parent-Child DALI Clock-Making in Metal!  (Register by Jan. 8th.  Limited spaces.) Ages 6-12 years.

Join Artist Claire Munday to create your very own Dali-inspired functioning clock! Using embossing techniques on metal, clocks will be designed and constructed to reflect the “melting” of Dali’s works.

@ All Souls Church, 1157 Lexington, 10075

How do you go from an example of Venice to this?

Venetian Example with boatMariella and Suzanne

In our Venice Mini-Set Building Parent-Child Workshop Saturday, students learned exactly that.  Artist Cliff Gokenbach showed us how…

Check out the slideshow below, to see how it was done. Some students are already working on their next city dioramas at home!

(We love it when parents become learners with their children:)  Way to go Mariella!

And a great big THANK YOU to Cliff!



Venice Awaits! Join us for 2 upcoming Parent-Child classes featuring Venetian style…and art making!

Venetian Mini-Set 2

Venetian Mini-Set

Don’t wait! This Saturday, 4pm @ All Souls Church features movie mini-set building with Cliff Gokenbach, scenic painter extraordinaire who is great with kids! We’ll make a mini- set each to take home as well as learn about this industry’s art-making opportunities. Great for ages 6 and up.  Register on our site.

Saturday, DECEMBER 7th: VENETIAN MASKS! 4-5:30pm

Get ready for New Year’s Eve Adults! You too can come create a gorgeous disguise (or scary!) with your child. Register early, limited spaces.

Venetian Mask