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With costumes on our minds and art in our souls, we spend time thinking about the benefits these elements have outside of just aesthetics and fun. For our Sunday reads, we look into the work of Nick Cave for inspiration on artistic costumes with a message of social justice and love for all.   Check …

Lights, Camera, Halloween!

What a fun experience for our Studio Art Adventurers! Some images from our Halloween Photoshoot with Visiting Artist, Katie Grammes.  

Halloween Photo Shoot with Visiting Artist, Katie Grammes

We are super excited for our photo shoot with Katie Grammes tomorrow using the original costumed masks/ hats our Adventurers created! Here’s a sneak peek of their work!  https://www.katiegrammes.com

Homemade Costumes: Parents Who Went the Extra Mile!

Jack’s fascination with transportation left his parents in a difficult situation.  Are front-loaders sold at costume shops?  WW1 fighter planes? My mother used to sew our costumes, but who does that anymore?  Well, you don’t necessarily have to… These creative parents decided to BUILD them. Cardboard is easily found, but as Jack’s parents concluded, making …