Studio Visit with Grimanesa Amoros

Wow! Grimanesa Amoros: Beauty, Bubbles, Light, Lines & Fun!

Grimanesa Amoros

On my always engaging tour today with Riva Blumenfeld of

Mrs. Amoros took the time to take us on a journey through bubble islands, lines of lights and even into Times Square’s installation for the Armory show (Did you see it?)

These pieces made me feel extra serene, relaxed and even tickled somehow!

Now I’m working on a kid-friendy version- So watch our Art Adventures, here comes more fun!

Check out her work:

Gutai Artists Explored in Art Adventures class!

Experimenting with myriad materials, destruction- and it’s beauty- was our focus last week on canvases based on the Guggenheim Gutai exhibition… Children of all ages and adults should reserve now to see the Guggenheim’s Gutai show with us!

Call 646-755-7733 or visit


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Improv Wall Painting with Basquiat

Students were inspired by Basquiat’s loose, free- style improvisational paintings to paint with repetition of lines and shapes as well as using words and symbols.  A friend of Andy Warhol, Basquiat was different from graffiti artists because his words had a higher meaning than just a name on the side of a building.  He described his work, “I cross out words so you will see them more; the fact that they are obscured makes you want to read them.”

IMG_1242 IMG_1243 IMG_1244 IMG_1245 IMG_1246 IMG_1247 IMG_1248 IMG_1249 IMG_1250 IMG_1251

In Art Adventures, children discussed the work of David Hockney and his interest in space, digital reproduction and representations of the real world.
Children used layering and parts to create a whole to make their own non-conventional photomontages which played with different points of perspective and explore representation.

IMG_1236 IMG_1237 IMG_1238 IMG_1241

Gutai at the Guggenheim

Art Adventures Studio took a class trip to explore the exciting world of Gutai at the Guggenheim Museum.

Check it out:

2013-04-09 17.42.032013-04-09 16.22.25

2013-04-09 17.31.44

2013-04-09 17.31.33 2013-04-09 17.31.19 2013-04-09 17.30.45 2013-04-09 17.20.50 2013-04-09 17.19.48 2013-04-09 16.21.222013-04-09 17.19.32

Exploring Negative Space and Rachel Whiteread

In Art Adventures, students learned about the work of Rachel Whiteread and her use of molds and negative space.  Children mixed and poured their own plaster molds and chose how to add color and arrange them.

Take a peek!

IMG_1228 IMG_1229 IMG_1230 IMG_1233 IMG_1234 2013-04-11 15.27.31
2013-04-11 15.33.44 2013-04-11 15.33.52 2013-04-11 15.57.52 2013-04-11 15.58.41 2013-04-11 15.58.50 2013-04-11 15.58.58 2013-04-11 15.59.13

Creativity in Metal with Calder and Chamberlain

Last Friday, Museum Adventures explored Metal, Shape, and Balance while looking at the work of Alexander Calder and John Chamberlain at the Met.

Take a peek at the outstanding results!

2013-04-05 16.28.22 2013-04-05 16.28.49 2013-04-05 16.28.53 2013-04-05 16.28.56 2013-04-05 16.41.12 2013-04-05 16.44.11 2013-04-05 16.46.30 2013-04-05 16.46.57 2013-04-05 17.17.19 2013-04-05 17.20.03

Creating Encaustics with Cecile Chong

This past Saturday in our Parent/Child Workshop, parents and children worked together with Cecile Chong to create their own Encaustics.  In class, we drew a story on canvases for the basis of our painting, covered them with encaustics, etched lines to be filled, and poored wax!

Take a peek at the fantastic results below and don’t miss out on our next Parent/Child Workshop on May 4th – Silkscreening with Gary Lichtenstein.

2013-04-06 16.25.28

2013-04-06 16.33.15 2013-04-06 17.08.32 2013-04-06 17.23.09 2013-04-06 17.24.09 2013-04-06 17.24.14 2013-04-06 17.24.19 2013-04-06 17.29.30 2013-04-06 17.29.35 2013-04-06 17.29.43 2013-04-06 17.32.10 2013-04-06 17.32.20 2013-04-06 17.33.45 2013-04-06 17.35.49 2013-04-06 17.35.53 2013-04-06 17.36.22 2013-04-06 17.36.48 2013-04-06 17.38.57 2013-04-06 17.39.31 2013-04-06 17.41.54


Inspiration Through Art Adventures

We love when Art Adventures inspires students to continue to create art at home!  After our tour of Picasso Black & White at the Guggenheim, Emily created a book reflecting her enjoyment of the tour.

Check out her amazing illustrations and book your tour today. Thank you for sharing with us, Emily!

photo 2 photo

CCA loves museum guards!

Museum Adventures loves the art museum guards!  On one of our recent visits to the Guggenheim Museum of Art, Museum Adventures kids and adults enjoyed the Picasso Black and White exhibit lead by Claire Munday.

“The guards are always interested in what we are doing, the projects we work on and they share such wonderful stories!  For example, it was a curious guard that told me a great story about Picasso while I was building the lesson plan.  He said that when Picasso would go to a restaurant, he would take the insides of the soft french bread and begin rolling and shaping it into sculpture while waiting for his food!  Having such busy hands and always having to be making art would certainly explain why Picasso has so many pieces.” ~ Claire

To read the New York Times interview with museum guards, click here.  We recommend  it.