The Importance of STEAM in every child’s education

As we prepare for our Fall 2019 school art year, we are coming across many articles  regarding STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART & Math). The integration of the Arts in our current education system is so vital in children’s needs.

Here is an interesting read that further discusses STEAM.

Preserving the Early Excitement of STEAM

Art Adventures believes in it. Thats why we incorporate this in our after school art league programming.

JOIN US for our FALL 2019 season. We’re so excited to make art together with you!

Fall ART Classes to encourage AND motivate…

Everyone needs support, especially when trying new things.

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We boast confident, happy & excited children leaving our studio after each class.

What can your child develop?

Parents are often skeptical to over-schedule their children in the fall.  School teachers warn parents to keep extra classes to a minimum during transitions.

We find, however, that CCA’s art classes are an exception. Why?

Because they are child-directed. They focus on exploration, as well as whatever is going on that day with each student, and acts as a supportive therapy in their schedule versus an extra “activity.”

Our studio is a place where children can rest from their busy schedules, receive individualized attention and to express themselves with or without words.


We are so proud of our Art Adventurer’s accomplishments this Fall!
Here’s 5 things CCA is thankful for… today & always:
Our Art Adventurer’s-

Each student brings in a unique perspective to every art project we present
-Giacometti inspired Plaster Wrap Spooky Sculptures & Haunted Scene
(Ages 8 & up)


Our Science AND Art Experiment using Oil, Food coloring, H2O & found objects
(Ages 2.5 & up)


It’s clear how engaged students become with the amount of attention they place in art making during our class-
Pumpkin Sculpture painting using our drop-dye technique of “ONE DROP, STOP!”
(Ages 3 & up)


With every art project comes art challenges. Our Adventurer’s take them head on with
full art force!-
Pumpkin Water color painting using Wet on Wet technique
(Ages 8 & up)


We see determination to accomplish their ART GOALS in every class!-
Working on our Impasto Painting with
Sand & Acrylic Paint combination
(Ages 6 & up)

Wishing you all a very Happy & Thankful Thanksgiving! Keep making Art!

16 Days till Halloween = 2 weeks + of Halloween Art Adventures @CCA!

October arrived in a flash! So you know what that means! We are spending these next few weeks creating art with Halloween in our hearts & Giacometti sculptures in our minds! Celebrating his October Birthday all month with professional level materials & tools (plaster wrap, construction & acrylic paint), art problem solving challenges, and of course creative spooky fun!


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5 Reasons Art is Important to Me:

Did we say 5? We just couldn’t stop there! Check out what our Art Adventurers are saying about Art after taking part in our after school programs/ tours.

Seeing is believing! Let’s get inspired together. Join us in an Art Adventure (with proration) or for a $45 trial class! (Class Schedules)


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