Do Your Kids Miss Travel As Much As I DO?

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Dear Parents,

Did you know in mid-December, travel reflected a 48% drop below last year’s levels? Staying home is getting tiresome, and I for one need bigger adventures!Travel & learning about other cultures are cornerstones of the CCA programs, and we don’t have to leave the ground to fly first class.

Claire wants to build your child’s love for travel and adventure. We’ll even learn a little Spanish and French!

Children will fly high exploring various countries and traditions while learning techniques in drawing, shading, crafting & building 3D scenes & Sets. We’ll even pack your bags! Get your all-included 1st week’s Art Kit delivered in advance. Enjoy weekly art-making classes with Claire for ages 3.5 to 9 (Older adventures coming soon.)
Hurry… This flight takes off January 18th ✈️

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Each story is jam-packed with adventures & materials, starting with Scarlett meeting Polie in the South Pole ❄️ We’ll travel through Chile, dance at the Chilean festival, see Tierra del Fuego, have a feast in Mexico, go surfing in California, meet the animals in Alaska, before landing in the North Pole (and this is just the first month!)

  • Work at your own pace and time of day, convenient for your family 
  • All materials are delivered to your home
  • Pre-recorded Virtual Fun is provided through Google classroom
  • Optional online live-stream 45 min. art class each week (recorded and later uploaded for busy schedules.) 
  • Plus lots of extra DIY projects, games + creative action-based videos!
  • Administrative assistance, so that your child’s experience is first class.

Want to make this a fully Live experience? In-Person Live classes will be available starting February 4th @ All Souls Church, 1157 Lexington Avenue on the UES of NYC. For LIC or other locations: Contact us!

XO Claire Munday, Owner and Visionary of Claire’s Creative Adventures

Happy New Year! The Best has yet to come in 2021!

For those days when it’s too cold for kids to play outside, I’ve amassed a hyper-creative library of activities that will keep students entertained and educated Claire and CCA want to spend time with your children this winter in the arts & literacy series Story Adventures They’ll find a renewed sense of excitement for learning in 2021 through arts and crafts, imaginary travel and even physical activities that give that (seemingly endless) energy a place to go.  I’ll be sure to include some activities for parents to do as well – after all, we all need a creative and physical activity break!

Your child will be an active participant!   I’m sure it has been reassuring to you to know you were able to enjoy your own time while they were with me in class – doing what you need to do so you can come together as a family later.  Each week, a new Story Adventure will provide that time for you- by keeping your child interested, occupied and intrigued as the stories unfold.  In the first book, Claire will introduce your children to the Empire Penguins in the South Pole, where two very different friends, a penguin named Scarlett and a polar bear named Polie first meet.  

Literacy meets art in an interactive 3-D Art Adventure kids create and build themselves while reading along with (or being read to) stories of friendship, adventure and different cultures.   We journey along with 1 illustrated book per month, plus CCA’s fun-filled Art Kits providing everything for your child. 

With so many materials and choices provided, they can only be successful! Your child will be occupied and intrigued while spending up to 3 hours per week, learning new fine and gross body skills, memory exercises, languages and cultures while expanding important artistic horizons this year.  Older students become illustrators and inventive craftsmen, while younger students create willingly and freely whatever they choose to make.  

Work at your own pace and time of day convenient for your family. We have a suggested time schedule to help frame your week’s activities. All materials are mailed out to you prior to start. Virtual Fun is provided through Google Classroom and one optional 45 minute online live-stream session each week (recorded and uploaded for busy schedules.)  We even provide administrative assistance, so that your child’s experience is first class.

CCA will release these new live and online classes January 18th. Claire will engage and interact with your children both online and @ All Souls Church. Kids ages 3.5- 9 years will be stimulated by creative new ideas and achievements that they will be excited to share with their family and friends!


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