What are those bottles in our art kits for?!

A VERY fun art AND science project to do during any rainy day: “LAVA LAMPS!”

+oil (can be mineral/ baby/ OR a cooking oil)
+food coloring (choose any color!)
+fun tiny objects, glitter, etc. (to sprinkle inside your bottle) * ONLY a little!

1. Sprinkle or drop your tiny objects/ glitter/etc inside your bottle.

2. Add about 1/3 oil into your bottle (if you have a little funnel, even easier!)

3. Fill the rest of your bottle with water (leave a tiny bit of space at the top)

4. Add 3-6 drops of your choice food coloring. What happens?!

5. Seal your bottle tight. Flip your lava lamp slowly back and forth to see it go!

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