Museum Re-Openings Provide Excellent Winter Opportunities for A Museum Adventure!

Are you a NYC family hoping to expose your children to the fascinating world of art around you which they can enjoy? Do you have friends or family members seeking a truly memorable cultural experience together? Want to drop off your kids for stimulating activities? As the holidays are upon us and family gatherings in NY are being reduced, what better way to spend time together than an activity you can all do together in a small group? GET A GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR 1 CHILD or GO AS A SMALL GROUP!

Claire’s Creative Museum Adventures, are unique professional artist or theme-based museum tours that are energetic, educational AND entertaining!  Children are introduced to modern and contemporary artists and diverse cultures based on current exhibits from the myriad of NYC museums and galleries (and if desired, their accompanying adults!)

Last week, Claire embarked on a (pre-–reserved) visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to get a feel of the new restrictions, regulations, and current exhibits (and crowd sizes limited to 25% capacity) in order to tailor a unique art-making tour for two boys, ages 8 & 11 with their grandparents on Saturday! Surprisingly, amidst the new metal detectors, temperature checks and extreme crowd control by personnel, everything went very smoothly. Given the grandparents were accompanying us to enjoy watching the boys interact, Claire ordered the exhibits and content to facilitate smooth transitions from gallery to gallery.

Starting with the Arabic Wing, the boys learned about the various ⭐️ ✡️ symbols and the early calligraphers of the Qu’ran (whose lines were an inspiration to modern painter Jackson Pollock.) Next, they travelled to see how the French Salon imposed their strict painterly rules, which in turn, inspired the Impressionists to rebel and move outdoors to paint the light. Students enjoyed making their own Monet & Van Gogh embossings plus learning the science behind Color Theory, before moving on to the Modern Wing, in order to see how ancient history is used in Abstract Expressionism. Knowing boys, and with a keen sense of age-appropriation, Claire demystified the museum and art processes by making them easy to understand and exciting to learn!

You do a great job introducing sophisticated material to the kids– without dumbing it down nor having it go over their heads. That’s a tricky balance and you do it well!” -J.K.

Unique materials are used for a wide variety of take-home art projects relating to each artist, in a Museum Adventures gift bag. (Adults also may be included!) In Museum Adventures, we organize each tour and provide all of the supplies, education and entertainment while actively engaging the children in the fantastic world of art, from museum arrival to departure.  We even learn museum etiquette! Ages 3.5 & up.

Learn more about us & our tours: Book your private tour today! (Reservations are required in advance.)

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