Mosaic Art can be found almost anywhere! In museums, murals on buildings and even in your home!!

Make it a game! Be sure to check out the patterns of tiles in your bathroom or kitchen! That’s a mosaic!

Our Art Adventurers made their own with REAL mosaic tiles provided in our delivered art kits! A relaxing art activity that teaches us about patterns + repetition.



Don’t have any mosaic tiles? Make or FIND your own!

All you need are :

+ recycled objects found at home (any plastic object- like bottle caps or utensils; cardboard pieces)

+any color/ patterned papers (magazines are great! think visual textures!)
+ scissors
+ gluestick


1-CHOOSE different color paper or pages from a magazine OR found objects

2-Use your scissors to CUT small “tiles” out of your paper (keep working on our cutting + dexterity skills)

3-ARRANGE your “tiles” next to each other on a new piece of paper or cardboard panel- like a puzzle!

4-GLUE each “tile” one by one in place

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