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With costumes on our minds and art in our souls, we spend time thinking about the benefits these elements have outside of just aesthetics and fun. For our Sunday reads, we look into the work of Nick Cave for inspiration on artistic costumes with a message of social justice and love for all.   Check …

ART making between the hands and our brains

An interesting, fun & very real comic on art making! Also a methodology we greatly believe in at Art Adventures: Practice Practice Practice! Keep making ART this summer and join us in the FALL! (click link for more info)  

Paul Klee and teaching Art

An interesting read as we start our Spring Semester at Claire’s Creative Adventures- some art teaching methods by Bauhaus Master, Paul Klee. Check it Out and Welcome to our new semester of Art!

Fall and the Importance of Art

Happy Fall! We are SO EXCITED for the start of our new 2016 semester of Art Adventures! As we await the foliage and next week’s classes, we’ve been catching up on some great Art Education reads! Check out what we’re reading HERE! And see you on Monday!  

“Keep Calm and Doodle On..”

..for your health! Some interesting reads on Art and the brain! Check it Out: Study Finds Making Art May keep our brains healthy  Doodling Your Way to a more Mindful Life

What is a painting?

Hoarfrost, 2011, wool, acid dyes, watercolor For this piece, Betbeze shoveled hot coals from a bonfire onto the flokati and let them burn.  In some places they burned through and in others there are scorch marks. Froggery, 2011, wool, acid dyes, watercolor