Happy President’s Day! Did you know….?

“The oil-on-canvas painting illustrates George Washington, then a general in the American Revolutionary War, crossing the Delaware River with his troops on the night of Dec. 25-26, 1776. The crossing immediately precipitated Washington’s surprise attack on the Hessian forces in the Battle of Trenton in New Jersey….

Although the painting depicts a scene from the American Revolutionary War, the original was actually painted in 1851 in Germany — 75 years after the Battle of Trenton, says David Parrish, professor of art history.

German-born artist Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, who was born 40 years after the battle, painted “Washington Crossing the Delaware” in Düsseldorf.”

-PC and Information: Purdue University, Did you know ‘Washington Crossed the Delaware’ Painting?

Red, White and Blue Recycled Egg Carton Boats


Half of a cardboard egg carton/ Red, White and Blue Fabric (keep kids busier longer with paper or napkins and markers) 

Brown yarn/Scissors/Glue/Small Stick,

Lego Figurines or Animals

Easy craft to keep your kiddos laughing and playing for hours! First, cut out large triangle and then wrap one of long edges around the craft stick. Second, cut out six mini flags out of the fabric. If you want this craft to take longer then get out construction paper or napkins, and markers for the triangles. Third, cut the brown yarn and then hot glue from the bottom of the carton to the top of the big flag. Make sure the string is tight. Fourth, glue the mini flags to the string. Finally, add your animal or lego characters to your boat and let them float on the floor. You can totally get these wet, just know that it will probably sink! 

-PC and Craft: 11 Crafts for Kids to Keep Them Busy During Lockdown, Heart Handmade 

Join our ARTStory Adventures!

All-in-one Digital & Live ART Classes in Drawing, Sculpting, Crafting, Imagination & Stories of Adventures! (Bonus short movement and dance videos included.) Click HERE to learn more.


Spread love with FUN HEART PRINTS & recyclable materials today: Make your cards with Bubblewrap Prints!

Happy (Pre) Valentine’s Day !

Enjoy this super easy (and free!) card-making project with Bubble wrap makes cool prints on cards with paint! (or any recyclable material with texture)

Kids LOVE popping bubbles in bubblewrap! Keep them busy & their fingers strong with this fun printing activity- while using up packaging to boot! (or get a sheet from UPS or Staples.) Don’t have bubblewrap handy? Look around the home for textured materials to cut into hearts!
Materials: Scissors; marker, white or colored paper; paint brush, paint or ink pad, paper towels or newspaper + bubble wrap

Pop all the bubbles first on the bubble wrap! Fold a piece of paper in 1/2 or in 1/4. On a flat surface, lay down newspaper or paper towels. Then, with a marker, draw a (large) heart shape onto the bubble wrap that will fit your folded paper. Cut the bubble wrap heart shape. Next, place layer of paint on the bubble wrap with a brush, and then lay it carefully face-down onto the paper, press with out moving and lift. (Set aside for more prints of various colors!) Finally, Write Happy Valentine’s Day! To: ___________ From __________  on the front or the back. Add stickers, glue and glitter or a message as to why you LOVE them!

PC: The Best Ideas for Kids

We can’t wait to see you live in the classroom! One of our favorite V-Day projects was creating beautiful works of art like Jim Dine: Monotypes et Gravures!
“Did you know that a
monotype is the proof of a painting made on a metal, glass or plexiglass plate?


Click here to check out our more Jim Dine art projects!


Enjoy cold winter days with this creatively comprehensive monthly series: Story-Based Travel & Cultural Exploration via Virtual or Live Artistic Development in Drawing, Crafting, Sculpting and Building. Direct endless energy… as Movement & Dance bonus videos enrich the adventure!

Take your 1st Trial Week of ARTStory Adventures! and receive one of our comprehensive ART KITS delivered to your home! (Watercolor pencils, crafts, dry erase and more!)

Perseverance through the Pandemic

During the Pandemic, we challenged ourselves; persevered in the thick of it and created online classes! Here is an example of an art project from one of our online classes in May, 2020. We put on our filmmaker thinking caps and became graphic designers to create our own version of a 3D Movie Poster. Frozen 2!

We learned NEW characters…  Nature’s elements! (Earth (GIANTS) Fire (BRUNI) Water (NOKK) Wind (GALE.  Click to learn more about this.  

Also, we learned Art Themes: Opaque vs. Transparent/Translucent; Warm vs Cool colors, plus how movies build Characters- and represent them in advertising. 

Here are the posters the students created at home!

You can create other collage posters of your favorite movies! All you need is paper, glue, and cut up images of characters & elements in your movie. Add any 2D or 3D thing that reminds you of the movie.

Share with us your poster designs and we will share it on our Facebook and Instagram pages! Happy Poster Designing!

Check out this video of siblings, Macaire and Cam Everett who create beautiful chalk art! They make their neighbors and family smile during the pandemic season. How can you bring a smile to your neighbors?

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Give the gift of ARTStory Adventures! 20% off now all classes! Check out our Social Media sites for more information! Instagram and Facebook

Do Your Kids Miss Travel As Much As I DO?

GIF by PBS KIDS - Find & Share on GIPHY

Dear Parents,

Did you know in mid-December, travel reflected a 48% drop below last year’s levels? Staying home is getting tiresome, and I for one need bigger adventures!Travel & learning about other cultures are cornerstones of the CCA programs, and we don’t have to leave the ground to fly first class.

Claire wants to build your child’s love for travel and adventure. We’ll even learn a little Spanish and French!

Children will fly high exploring various countries and traditions while learning techniques in drawing, shading, crafting & building 3D scenes & Sets. We’ll even pack your bags! Get your all-included 1st week’s Art Kit delivered in advance. Enjoy weekly art-making classes with Claire for ages 3.5 to 9 (Older adventures coming soon.)
Hurry… This flight takes off January 18th ✈️

Click to Register for Story Adventures $97 Intro Week

Each story is jam-packed with adventures & materials, starting with Scarlett meeting Polie in the South Pole ❄️ We’ll travel through Chile, dance at the Chilean festival, see Tierra del Fuego, have a feast in Mexico, go surfing in California, meet the animals in Alaska, before landing in the North Pole (and this is just the first month!)

  • Work at your own pace and time of day, convenient for your family 
  • All materials are delivered to your home
  • Pre-recorded Virtual Fun is provided through Google classroom
  • Optional online live-stream 45 min. art class each week (recorded and later uploaded for busy schedules.) 
  • Plus lots of extra DIY projects, games + creative action-based videos!
  • Administrative assistance, so that your child’s experience is first class.

Want to make this a fully Live experience? In-Person Live classes will be available starting February 4th @ All Souls Church, 1157 Lexington Avenue on the UES of NYC. For LIC or other locations: Contact us!

XO Claire Munday, Owner and Visionary of Claire’s Creative Adventures

January Wishes and Colorful Wonders

January is always thrilling and exciting as we cast our sites on new things ahead! Here’s a few art projects to keep your kids dreaming, wishing and motivated to continue new art projects through the end of January!

Wishing Wand
Supplies: Cardstock Contact paper, Scissors, Assorted Sequins and Glitter, Lours, Marker, Stick/Dowel, Pencil, Ribbon or Wired Garland

Cut out two stars with Cardstock Paper, then take the contact paper and cut it out two times. Make them the size of the star. ****Leave enough room so that the contact paper can be glued to the star later. Decorate one of the contact paper with assorted sequins and glitter lours. Then glue the edges of the contact paper together. Finally, glue the contact paper to the edges of the star. If you have any edges of the contact paper that extends outside of the star then just cut around and re-glue the edges. Last but not least, Set Goals and Resolutions: Write around the outside of the star goals and things to look forward to. 
For example:“FRONT: In 2021, I want to create, earn a new belt, go to the beach. BACK: Learn to read, illustrate, start eating dessert after breakfast.”
-New Years Centerpiece and Wishing Wand, Dancers4Life

Alcohol Ink Coasters  

  • 4 tile coasters (the non-porous and shiny kind 🙂  
  • Ranger Alcohol Inks ( several colors of choice)  
  • Rubbing Alcohol  
  • Felt  
  • Black Paint  
  • Mod Podge Glue ( or glue of choice)  
  • Paint brushes  
  • Wax paper or something to protect you work surface ( these inks stain…trust me – I learned the hard way !)   
  • Spray Sealer 

First, lay down wax paper on the table, then place the coasters on top. The wax paper will protect the table from spilled paint staining the table. Second, use a paint brush to rub the alcohol on the coasters. Third, place the colors in order of what you want to use first. Then start dropping the paint on the coasters. If you have any white spots then just add more color to it. Fourth, paint the sides black or any color of your choosing. Fifth, cut squares out of black felt. Leave it until you coat the bottom of the coaster with mod podge or glue. Then you can stick the felt to the bottom. Finally, use the spray seal over the paint side and allow it to dry overnight. Enjoy your finished colorful art project!  

-PC and Project: Instructables Living 

Fun Facts about Alcohol Ink!

Alcohol inks are an exciting new medium in the art world that allow a free flow of expression with a variety of techniques. Artists who specialize in alcohol inks have developed styles that range, from representational art that captures the natural world, to abstract art specializing in serene and gilded designs.

“The powerful punches of color, use of non-absorbent surfaces, and ability to maintain a clean seal with resin have allowed alcohol ink art to captivate a wide range of art enthusiasts. This artwork is a beautiful way to decorate your walls, as well as all manner of household objects. Alcohol ink artists are famous for their versatility in substrates, as they paint glass vases, jewelry and metals, and functional wooden pieces. No matter what substrate they drop their ink onto, the pieces always come out looking stunning.”

Louise Christian uses alcohol inks to paint natural scenes, such as forests, trees, flowers, and mushrooms. Her painting range from impressionistic to realistic. Her techniques make use of bold, bright colors and unique textures. To create her full desired vision, she mixes the media by drawing over her paintings with ink pens.”

-PC and Article: Artists Who are Famous for Using Alcohol Ink, Smart Art Box, 2019

Contact us about our art classes to keep your kids busy throughout the year!

Art + Electronics=Fun

Dear Parents, 

With CCA, screen time in 2021 may surprise you! Videos which encourages Imagination and exercise + Quality Art Materials, for your ‘At-Home’ Art Studio!  Weekly live engagement classes (optional) will keep your kids active and inspired to work each week…OFFLINE!   

Meeting and drawing our favorite penguin, Sweet Scarlett and the animals she encounters, travelling the world. Building icy coves & igloos in the South Pole  Even make-your-own snow STEM activities! Kids draw each animal family, various scenes, landscapes, igloos and lots, lots more! Each week is filled with new ideas to start them off running and creating, even after class- all week long. They’ll love using their hands, brains and bodies in Story Adventures: An interactive 3-D Art Adventure kids watch, learn to create & build themselves while reading and hearing stories of friendship adventures across many countries and cultures. 

This class takes off February 1, 2021. Virtual Live & In-Person classes begin February 4 @ All Souls Church, 1157 Lexington Avenue on the UES of NYC!

Register ASAP: Click Here to receive your Art Kit in time for virtual classes!

 Try the 1st week and recieve your Wk. 1 Art Kit, including all art tools below!

Story Adventures Programming

What is it? A Social Emotional Learning program based in visual arts,cultural exploration, literature and dance!

What will my child be doing? Diving into a new story adventure every month. Creating the characters and sets in the story through visual art classes. Moving their body and developing a love of movement and coordination through dance technique videos. Building confidence through art, theater and musical games. 

What will I gain?
Art heals and unites. The Story Adventures program builds the language of resilienceempowers kids with character, gains conflict resolution problem-solving skills along with a love for literature, art skills, fantasy and travel!

How do I access the program?
 Create a schedule that works best for your family’s needs. Live zoom classes are available once a week for students to create it together!  All pre-recorded drawing videos are available through Google classroom, accessible anytime. Exercise is also included through story-related movement and dance videos!

Watch your child’s eyes light up as they receive exciting CCA Art Kits,filled with art studio materials that will last for years. Hearts will soar as your child creates amazing art projects. Share joy in your entire household when you have an alternative to screen time. If you need to make a call or get work done, put on a Story Adventures video to keep your child moving and creating!

Sign up and Register Now!

“She seriously loves it all… the art and the dancing! This is a great program. She is dancing all over the house.” Theresa’s mom Alison“Lilah’s “favorites” are; getting the boxes delivered, unpacking all the art supplies, Using watercolor pencils, I really know how to draw penguins and whales now and all the characters in the book.” –Lilah’s mom Brina 

Happy New Year! The Best has yet to come in 2021!

For those days when it’s too cold for kids to play outside, I’ve amassed a hyper-creative library of activities that will keep students entertained and educated Claire and CCA want to spend time with your children this winter in the arts & literacy series Story Adventures They’ll find a renewed sense of excitement for learning in 2021 through arts and crafts, imaginary travel and even physical activities that give that (seemingly endless) energy a place to go.  I’ll be sure to include some activities for parents to do as well – after all, we all need a creative and physical activity break!

Your child will be an active participant!   I’m sure it has been reassuring to you to know you were able to enjoy your own time while they were with me in class – doing what you need to do so you can come together as a family later.  Each week, a new Story Adventure will provide that time for you- by keeping your child interested, occupied and intrigued as the stories unfold.  In the first book, Claire will introduce your children to the Empire Penguins in the South Pole, where two very different friends, a penguin named Scarlett and a polar bear named Polie first meet.  

Literacy meets art in an interactive 3-D Art Adventure kids create and build themselves while reading along with (or being read to) stories of friendship, adventure and different cultures.   We journey along with 1 illustrated book per month, plus CCA’s fun-filled Art Kits providing everything for your child. 

With so many materials and choices provided, they can only be successful! Your child will be occupied and intrigued while spending up to 3 hours per week, learning new fine and gross body skills, memory exercises, languages and cultures while expanding important artistic horizons this year.  Older students become illustrators and inventive craftsmen, while younger students create willingly and freely whatever they choose to make.  

Work at your own pace and time of day convenient for your family. We have a suggested time schedule to help frame your week’s activities. All materials are mailed out to you prior to start. Virtual Fun is provided through Google Classroom and one optional 45 minute online live-stream session each week (recorded and uploaded for busy schedules.)  We even provide administrative assistance, so that your child’s experience is first class.

CCA will release these new live and online classes January 18th. Claire will engage and interact with your children both online and @ All Souls Church. Kids ages 3.5- 9 years will be stimulated by creative new ideas and achievements that they will be excited to share with their family and friends!


Click Here to Learn More!

Favorite 2020 Kid’s Activities & Highlights? We did it… Together.

The past year has been challenging but we have been able to grow in so many new ways.  Congratulate yourself for making it through this year! We couldn’t have made it without you, extraordinary parents! 

Thank you for continuing to enrich our community with your remarkable dedication to CCA’s mission and values. A year-in-review of some of our favorite moments helps us to focus on the positive, during this up & down rollercoaster of a year! Enjoy!

Making a Jeff Koons with plasterwrap and balloons

Favorite 2020 Kid’s Activities & Highlights @ Claire’s Creative Adventures?  

Toured the Metropolitan Museum of Art with all classes (2.5-10’s) to see the amazing exhibit Making Marvels, the Science and Splendor at the Courts of Europe and making clocks (pre-Covid19) 

-In March, smoothly transferred all programs online without missing a class, keeping sane with empowerment and humor… starting with creating the virus as a Pac-Man & a Crunch Berry! “Crunchatize me Captain!” 

-Age-appropriated ART KITS grew to include all of the unique materials we would have used at school, shipped to each new home… including STEAM projects, like how to make your own Lava Lamps and snow!

Jonathan Lev was a visiting artist to our Art Adventures STUDIO Online Class where students 8-15 years learned how to draw landsccapes, architecture, perspecitve and portraits, including virtual studio tours of contemporary artists!

-Partnered with Central Studios (STL) to bring to life Penguins, Polar Bears, and Mermaids with 2D drawings, 3D set constructions, movement and dance for summer’s debut of DanceArt Camp (via Zoom) with fully-packed, weekly art kits

Built our famous snow globes  

Explored Chinese Art using new art materials: Bamboo brushes, ink and rice paper

-Celebrated Holi week and created our own colored paints 

 -Dove into color mixing with transclucent vellum and Elmer the Elephant in Mini-Art Adventures

-Created a stain glass mosaic for Mother’s Day 

Made our very own 2D-3D FROZEN translucent collage posters in Art Adventure Class

-Made haunted houses, painted foam skulls and bones, and created spooky necklaces in our FREE Halloween Kids Art Event! (in collaboration with Blue Bus Project held at the Culture Lab in Long Island City)

-Designed and Celebrated a 5 and 3 year old unicorn and construction birthday party during Covid-19

-Toured the newly-opened Metropolitan Museum of Art this fall with families:  2 boys, ages 8 & 11 with their grandparents, metal embossing + projects exploring Impressionism and color theory!

Be ready 2021, we are coming for you with new joy and inspiration in our hearts!  

Happy Kwanzaa!

Kwanzaa means first fruits of the harvest!

Thankful for the harvest this year has blessed us with. Food to fill our stomachs and time to spend with our loved ones whether near or far!

“Everyone can use these [explained] principles below…to be a better human being!”

-(What is Kwanzaa and How is it Celebrated?, Inside Edition: Youtube) 

Seven principles of Kwanzaa are Umoja: Unity, Kujichagulia: Self Determination, Ujima: Collective Work and Responsibility, Ujamaa: Collective Economics, Nia: Purpose, Kuumba: Creativity, Imani: Faith.  

Kwanzaa Kinara  

Supplies: Paper Plate, Markers, Scissors, Construction Paper, Popsicle Sticks and Glue.  

Watch the step-by-step video on how to color around the edges of the plate in a fun, colorful pattern; write the holiday greeting, cut slits in the paper plate, color the craft sticks, cut out Kwanzaa candle flames and glue the candles to the paper! 

Click Here to Watch!

Again Happy Kwanzaa and may the year be prosperous!