9/11 Memoire


I was taking part in The Skyline Project, where I was invited by the Manhattan Yacht Club to paint the skyline from their barge, located just off of Ellis Island, next to the Statue of Liberty, to capture the view of the towers and downtown Manhattan from the water. I had just a few final touches, to finish this painting of what I believe to have been the last plein-air painting of the World Trade Towers (it has since perished in a fire.)

As 9/11 is also my birthday; I had also decided to have “A New York Moment” on that fateful Friday night, by inviting friends to the towers’ lounge and restaurant on the top floor of tower #2…. before all of our lives changed that day. 

I wrote home, “It is true what the reports are saying about New Yorkers; They are coming together as an unbelievable force of humanity with their determination and love for each other and their city being the prevailing feeling here.”

Love to all who are suffering today. We will continue to overcome.

CCA will be closed today in honor of those lives lost. #RichieSalnardi❤️

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